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Households / Green Home with Senoko

 Build a Green Home with Senoko Energy

Green homes power a brighter future. Energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cheaper to power, green homes can help you save money – as you save the Earth. 

#TakeCharge of your environmental footprint with Senoko, and see how eco-minded homeowners like yourself can do more for your wallet, and the planet.

Senoko Energy Circle of Green mobile

The Circle of Green Starts with You

Pay it forward and get paid first. Clean energy from your Solar Panels turn into Green Attributes that earn you money. Your Green Attributes are converted to Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and sold to businesses, who purchase them to offset their carbon emissions by supporting solar projects.

You earn extra income, while also helping the planet as you choose to #TakeCharge of climate actions.

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Wish to Buy Solar Energy? It’s Easy

Even if you aren’t living in a landed property, you can go solar too. Introducing SolarShare, an online marketplace where you can buy solar energy directly from licensed sellers in the local community and beyond. Feel free to select your provider, even your rate.

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